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Introductory Lecture: 10/10/2010 13:58:00 Literature is influenced by a historical process – doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Language – changes, not static – ideas about literary language change. How do ideas about poetic language translate into a dramatic play? Hilary Mantell addresses literary language – located in the past. Sir Orfeo – how does the language work? Form: sonnets, epics, mock-epics, drama, fiction, etc. Form changes – The Odyssey is the opposite of My Cousin Phillis. How does the form of a text influence the audience’s response? Events: historical context. Personal events – biography – what difference does that make to how we read a text? (Enriches the way to respond to texts) Evidence suggests Marlowe was a closet spy. Does this influence us? His religion –
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Unformatted text preview: Do we applaud his defiance or condemn his effrontery for challenging the Almighty? Do we do both? ← Alexander Pope wrote to heal an unnecessary quarrel – used to persuade, get together for the larger cause. Text intended to intervene . ← Gaskell – persuade the reader of the value of their beliefs in the hope that we would incorporate them ourselves. ← Genesis – translation – no point speculating about Homer, we will never know. ← ← Time: how do the texts see themselves in time? ← The author is always aware of how their work will be read by other generations. ← ← Intertextuality: undermine the authority of the past. ← The Odyssey is a composite text. ← Literature is distinct and transcendent - can move your experience outside of time....
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