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Marissa Wilbur Anthro 110 Cremers Assignment #1 For the longest time as a college student, I lived without having cable. My roommates and I just had a TV and a DVD player for watching movies. I was too busy with school and the sorority, to watch TV, so I didn’t miss it too much. Occasionally, I would watch a show or two on my computer, but that was at most twice a week, which didn’t even compare to how much TV I used to watch at home. Therefore, it wasn’t too difficult to not watch TV for a weekend. The hardest thing for me to stop using was the computer. Every morning I wake up and immediately turn on my computer, either to check the weather, check my e-mail or just to browse my facebook. As a result, I knew that this assignment was going to be a great challenge. After starting this assignment, I had to drastically alter my everyday routine. Instead of relying on my computer to check the daily weather, I had to go stand outside for a couple minutes to figure out what to wear. I also found myself
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