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LESSON ONE Lesson Assignment Unless otherwise instructed, all answers to assignment questions should be presented in short essay format (1-3 paragraphs maximum) using concise but complete sentences, correct spelling and grammar, and so on. Do NOT copy your answers from the textbook but write them in your own words. Part I (Each answer worth 15 points) 1. Why is service so critical in the hospitality and tourism industry? Service in the hospitality and tourism industry is very important because it is directly connected to satisfaction of the guest or customer and the return behavior to the company. Pressure has been put on businesses in these industries to deliver superior service, as perceived by the customer, to outdo the competition. Service is what is needed to excel in these increasingly competitive markets. Our Introduction to Hospitality Management book explains that 70 percent of American and Canadian economies engage in service industries, making it critical for greater service. In the hospitality and tourism industries there are thousands of encounters with guests each day that reflect the company as a whole. The reactions to these guest and the customer service the business associates provides directly connects to the success of the business. Service is the number one driving force for the success of the company. As Alice MacDougall once said, “in business you get what you want by giving other people what they want.” 2. (a) Define the Malcolm Baldrige Award and The Malcolm Baldrige Award is an honor for the highest level of recognition for quality that a company can receive in the United States. This reward encourages “an understanding of quality excellence, greater awareness of quality as a critical competitive element, and the sharing of quality information and strategies.” (b) describe why Ritz-Carlton won this award. Ritz-Carlton won this prestigious award in 1992 and 1999. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company was founded on supreme levels of customer service. This company had a list of three core values or steps of service that they named the Gold Standards. The first Gold Standard included using a warm and sincere greeting, using a customer’s name when possible. Next step incorporated anticipating and catering to the guests’ needs. Last, the Gold Standard insisted on a fond farewell, a warm goodbye with their names used when possible. All Ritz-Carlton employees were required to memorize or carry this Gold Standard list around with them at all times on the job. 3.
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Fall_2010_Lesson_One[1](5) - RHIM3341D02 LESSONONE Lesson...

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