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1. Explain why you decided to take this course. Identify two places that you haven’t already been to that you would like to visit someday. Discuss why you would like to visit these places. - I have decided to take Travel and Tourism because I felt as if it would be useful in my major, retailing. As a retail major, I want to become a buyer and travel the world. In the future I would like to visit Paris and Milan; these two destinations are the top fashion capitols of the world and I would be forever grateful if I ever had the chance to travel to these locations. 2. Describe a recent trip you took and the businesses that you spent money with. Be detailed in your answer and consider how your travel may have affected the local economy. - Recently, I traveled to Austin, Texas where I spent money at many restaurants, such as Suzie’s, Matt’s El Rancho, Chipoltle, and Maudie’s Mexican Restaurant. I also spent money at a local movie theatre and a putt-putt spot called Peter Pan Putt Putt. FINISH
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