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Lesson 3 1. Describe how services are different from goods. 2. Explain the function of intermediaries in tourism distribution channels. 3. Describe the three levels of distribution channels, explain the differences, and give examples of each. 4. Why are travel agents important in the distribution of tourism services? 5. Explain the functions of tour operators and wholesalers. 6. Why is it important for employees and managers in the travel and tourism industry to be aware of the practice highly ethical standards? Give two examples
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Unformatted text preview: where this could be an issue. (The answer is not in your text, but you should spend time thinking about the idea in general and circumstances where this could be important.) United States Assignment 7. Name the destination and describe why you would like to visit there. 8. Describe the destination. What does it have to offer? How could you get to the location? How is the destination promoted? 9. What market segments do you think would be attracted to this destination?...
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