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Lesson 6 tt - Then add the following of each • Describe...

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Lesson 6 1. Why are attractions and entertainment important components of the tourism industry? 2. How does seasonality create marketing, management, and financial challenges for attraction and entertainment operators? 3. Explain the similarities and differences between heritage attractions and commercial attractions. 4. Develop a list of various attractions and events in a community you are familiar with. Include six attractions and events and make sure you have at least one each of the following: heritage, commercial, and live entertainment event or attraction.
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Unformatted text preview: Then add the following of each: • Describe the attraction or event in three or four sentences • Discuss the main market segments you think would be interested in visiting or attening. Review your previous lessons if you are not sure about how to approach this. • Describe the degree to which each attraction or event has a seasonal component • Each attraction or event description should take up about half a page...
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