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Store Promotion Experience

Store Promotion Experience - Store Promotion Experience...

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Store Promotion Experience Kait Edgin 12/5/09 RTL 2350
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Being on the team “Magnificent Maloufers” taught me a lot about visual merchandising and about planning an event. I learned that both jobs are definitely harder than they look yet both were a great experience and I am very happy I got the chance to see how each come about. Visual Merchandising- Window Displays Before this project, I would walk in the aisles of the mall and see the store window displays that look like they were so easily thrown together with little thought. I was wrong- visual merchandising takes a lot of planning and time. Our window display took weeks of planning as we were in completely in charge; the only piece of information we had about the display is that Malouf’s wanted to incorporate denim and scarves on the women’s side and denim, underwear and socks on the men’s side. We had to decide everything from what color paint to use on the back wall to what items we would want to decorate the scene with. Our fall-themed displays also came with a budget that we had to
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