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tiny tech - Jami Hess Kaitlin Edgin Tiny Tech RTL 2340 Ever...

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Jami Hess & Kaitlin Edgin Tiny Tech RTL 2340 November 18, 2009
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Ever have trouble finding apparel and accessories for your younger Tech fans? We provide a solution to the problem at Tiny Tech. Tiny Tech offers a wide range of prints and styles in our dresses, jumpers, bows and headbands. We offer an affordable price to allow your children or siblings to show their Raider spirit just like you. Concept of Brand Tiny Tech aims to provide Tech apparel to all. We aspire to tap into an untouched niche market by providing children collegiate clothing and accessories. Tiny Tech’s Purpose/Mission statement Our mission is to provide unique and handcrafted Texas Tech apparel and accessories. We guarantee that each piece is an original masterpiece made at the finest quality. Description of Products Offered by Tiny Tech We offer apparel such as jumper and dresses decorated in different prints and a wide assortment of styles. We also offer accessories items such as bows and headbands. These accessories also come in a large variety of fashions and patterns. We also make custom items such as boots, jackets or sweaters, and cute Tech decorated leggings. Our dresses range from $40 to $60, our jumpers range from $30 to $50, and our hair accessories range from $15 to $30. Our custom made items can be priced upon request. Describe retailers that will carry Tiny Tech and why Retailers that will carry Tiny Tech will include all of the Tech apparel selling stores in Lubbock such as Red & Black bookstore, Red Raider Outfitters, Spirit Shop, Barnes and Noble, Double T Shoppe, Double T Zone, Varsity Bookstore, and Paddle Tramps.
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