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img004 - 19 Degeneration of cells in the basal ganglia...

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Unformatted text preview: 19. Degeneration of cells in the basal ganglia resulting in useless contractions of skeletal muscles is known as: \_ @ Parkinsonism c. . . ”""’7 S d. syringomyelia ‘3 20. The metabolism of the brain is primarily @bglucose . - - ern c. fat d. depends on plasma levels of substrate 21. The'coordination of eye movement is controlled by the, a. pons b. medulla Wycootho‘fi—urn o-f— v.33 muVemeJVl . in error colliculi e. none of the above ~ - . ' ‘ ' h 22. The ural tractwogt'he firebéuén rs the. \ 9. $Q r O» \ +r (A c, *— Q .(_ + Q ‘ 0' c e r e \> r o . anterior commissure (‘3 M c. posterior commissure d. intermediate mass -cbr egjr t b m m \ R 3 U V G»! e. pons -\-r(,\L"-' 0x + in; cer’cbtu‘q 23. Birds have an enormous i [I M‘Mich helps them to maintain balance during flight. a. c rebrum ( E'E cerebellum) ” C. cere ra cortex d. reticular formation fi‘ 24. Longitudinal fissure a. allows for circulation of cerebral spinal fluid b. absorbs excessive amount of cerebral spinal fluid .p_ di '- s the brain into ri_ht and left hemispheres @ is synonymou With corpus callosu 25. The uterus receives support from ~ a. the broad ligament b. round ligament c. cardinal ligament all of the above 6. none of the above V2 ' 4 ...
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