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ProjManagement [Compatibility Mode]

ProjManagement [Compatibility Mode] - Project management...

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1 Project Management ME 434W Han P. Bao Dept of Mechanical Engineering Project management Project management provides an organization with tools that improve that organization’s ability to plan, organize, implement, and control its activities and the way it uses its people and resources. ME 434 Project Management 2 Background Brief History of PM: – Gantt chart in 1917 as a tool for scheduling work in job shops – Manhattan project in 1942 – PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) chart for the Polaris Missile Projects in 1958 – The 70s: used by the military and the construction industry – By the 90s: virtually every industry was using some form of PM Project Management 3 Who needs PM? – Any managers responsible for any projects that have performance, time, and cost constraints – Anybody interested in a disciplined approach for design, accountability, and control of work – Your career is dependent upon it PM today: “Project Management is going to be huge in the next decade… PM is the wave of the future.” Fortune Magazine, 2000 Prime Objectives of Project Management Performance Cost Shdl Optimization attempt Project Management 4 Schedule Performance Performance Schedule Cost Cost Schedule Trade-off requirements PM Body of Knowledge CONTENT Schedule/Time Management Cost Management Quality Management Project Integration Management PROJECT MANAGEMENT Risk Management Contracts & Procurement Human Resources Communications Scope Management Basic Concepts Real-Life Projects Success depends on serious planning, scheduling, organization, teamwork,communications, and leadership. Attributes of a Project: – Objective – The project is a series of interdependent tasks occurring in a certain ME 434 Project Management 6 sequence – Required resources – Specific time frame – Unique nature – Project has a customer - could internal or external – Involves some degree of uncertainty
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ProjManagement [Compatibility Mode] - Project management...

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