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Fall 2010 - Feldman SAMPLE EXAM 1 DIRECTIONS: Choose the best answer for each question and be sure to answer all 30 questions. 1. Which of the following personality theories is most concerned with unconscious motives and the interplay of inner conflict and their resolution? a. The psychoanalytic perspective b. The humanistic perspective c. The behavioral perspective d. The trait perspective 2. According to the five-factor theory, agreeableness refers to: a. degree of organization and goal orientation. b. quality of interpersonal orientation. c. a preference for exploration and a tolerance of the unfamiliar. d. degree of emotional stability. 3. is a defense mechanism in which people express an impulse by its opposite. For example, Calvin frequently insults a girl that he secretly likes. a0. Reaction formation b0. Regression c0. Displacement d0. Denial 4. According to Adler’s theory about birth order, only children are most likely to be: a. manipulative and charming. b. relaxed negotiators. c. perfectionists. d. leaders. 5. The is the most widely used objective personality test. The goal of this test is to assess psychiatric problems and disorders. a. NEO-PI b. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) c. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) d. Cattell 16-PF 6. According to your text , which of the following pairings is correct? a. Sociocultural perspective – creative self b. Social cognitive theory – self-efficacy expectations c. Gender schema theory – behaviorism d. Individual psychology – acculturation
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Page 2 7. is(are) at the bottom of the triangle representing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. a.
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101sampleexam1fa10 - INDV 101 Section 61 & 62 Fall 2010 -...

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