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Tran 1 Vincent Tran Mrs. Marshall Honors Global Studies, Period 4 9 March 2009 Edwin of Northumbria Saint Edwin of Northumbria’s story is a story full of love, power, and faith. Edwin overcomes many obstacles and becomes King with a little divine assistance. He was even recognized of overlord, by all English kingdoms except for the kingdom of Kent. What makes his story different from all the other kings who converted? It was because of Edwin’s stubbornness or indecisiveness and careful thinking, which makes his story more influential and meaningful than all the others. Edwin was born into royalty. He was the son of King Aelle of Deira. King Aelle died in 588 AD and Edwin’s brother-in-law, Aethelfrith annexed the kingdom. Edwin was forced to flee and wander as a fugitive. He was taken in by King Redwald of East Anglia in 616. King Redwald received generous bribes and offers from Aethelfrith to kill Edwin. While at the same time Edwin conversed with a unknown being, who told him that he would restore his power. Redwald was then persuaded by his wife not to turn in Edwin. Instead, King Redwald faced Aethelfrith in battle in 616. Aethelfrith was killed and Edwin was crowned King of Northumbria. Instead of only gaining control of his home kingdom, Deira, he gained control of Bernicia. After regaining control, Edwin annexed many more kingdoms and became allies with King Eadbald of Kent. Edwin fell in love and wanted to wed King Eadblad’s sister, Aethelburg.
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Tran 2 There was one condition; Edwin had to convert to Christianity. He didn’t convert, but he said he’d consider. The two were wed. This is one example of Edwin’s stubbornness which shows that he takes the matter of converting very seriously. This partnership would strengthen their
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Bede Essay - Tran 1 Vincent Tran Mrs Marshall Honors Global...

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