CH.5 KBATS - Tran 1 Vincent Tran Mr Judge AP Human...

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Tran 1 Vincent Tran Mr. Judge AP Human Geography, Period 5 22 October 2009 Ch.5 KBAT Accent: Prominence of a syllable in terms of differential loudness, or of pitch, or length, or of a combination of these Dialect: Regional variation of a language distinguished by vocab, spelling and pronunciation Esperanto: An artificial language invented in 1887 by L. L. Zamenhof (1859–1917), a Polish physician and philologist, and intended for international use. It is based on word roots common to the major European languages. Extinct Language: Language once used by people in daily activities but is no longer used Ideogram: System of writing used in china and other east Asian countries in which each symbol represents an idea or concept rather than a sound, as is the case for English Isogloss: Boundary that separates regions in which different language uses predominate Isolated Language: Language that is unrelated to any other languages and therefore not attached to any family Language branch: Collection of languages related through a common ancestor that existed
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CH.5 KBATS - Tran 1 Vincent Tran Mr Judge AP Human...

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