Character Expression - and blue. After he was devastated,...

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Tran 1 Vincent Tran Ms. Isaacs Honors English, Period 6 8 December 2008 Great Expectations Character Expression Pip experiences heartache and confusion because of what Estella did to him. She never really loved him because she told him after he confessed his love for her “When you say you love me, I know that you mean, as a form of words; but nothing more” (Dickens 309). She hurt him as it said in the song “You were the one I was in love, but you always hurt the one you lost”. He was left heartbroken and confused when she told him she was going to marry Drummle. Pip would do it all again for Estella even though she broke his heart because in the end when he returns home. He still thinks about Estella and finds her there even though he was crushed black
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Unformatted text preview: and blue. After he was devastated, he had nowhere to go like the song and that’s why he considered going away with Magwitch. My uncle told me this story about his girlfriend before he met my aunt. He worked full time and any extra time he had he’d go shopping with her and spend time with her. Then one day he was able to go home early from work and decided to surprise her at her house, and found her with another guy. After that my uncle was really sad and my mom set him up on dates with all of her friends. Nothing cheered him up until he met my aunt. By what he told me, he was extremely sad and it must’ve been worse for Pip because Estella was the only girl he’s ever loved and he’s loved her ever since he was a little kid. Tran 2...
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Character Expression - and blue. After he was devastated,...

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