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Tran 1 Vincent Tran Mrs. Marshall Honor Global Studies, Period 6 14 May 2009 The Human Record: Mesoamerica p. 399 1-4 1. The man is holding a ball so we know that he is a ballplayer. He is also wearing a chain around his neck which shows that he is captive. We know that he will be sacrificed because that is how the game worked. The loser would have to be sacrificed. 2. We can that he is an aristocrat because he is wearing many extravagant garments. He
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Unformatted text preview: obviously has the large headpiece and he is somewhat clothed. He also is wearing earrings. Jewelry is usually a sign of wealth. 3. It could be depicting human life and love because it shows the man has gotten very old and weak. The old man looks like the father of the woman and she is taking care of him at his old age because she loves him. It could also be a comical piece because the woman is taking the role of the man in the piece....
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