realworld - It's what it is.

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Real World Briarwood. - This is a "reality" program showing the many facades of the youth in a church. Of course Briarwood Youth is not really like this, so think of it as an exaggeration of a youth group. The summary is that seven youth members have been selected by Real World to show just how the different teens in a youth group react to each other, to their church and to the message of Jesus Christ. - Every "episode" is a scenario, showing just how each different character will react in a situation. And here are the characters: 1. Kathy Stevens: The uptight Christian girl, who thinks she's the best Christian around. Reared in the United Kingdom, in Manchester, she speaks with a proper British accent and dresses in expensive, Oxford-style clothing. She doesn't associate with "heathens," or people who dress or act in a lower social standard. In a way, she can show both rudeness and affection--depending on the person she's dealing with. A typical Kathy line: "God loves all people. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure he loves even the small, insignificant ones--like you." 2. Bryanna Matthews: The "Sunday" Christian girl who LOVES going to church as much as she loves watching a school fight. Oh yes, she is your typical girl who speaks in ebonics, gets in trouble at church for talking too much, listens to secular music and when out of church, enjoys jumping from party to party. She's all about the trend and will definitely not look trashy. At least in her eyes. She isn't a bad Sunday kid but wow. .. Monday through Saturday is a different story. A typical Bryanna line: "Giiiiirrrrlllll! You KNOW we praying but you right about one thing. That boy we saw in LeTrawna's party was FIONNNEE!" 3. Dean Mathis 18: Devoted Christian kid who has dreamt of becoming a pastor and will see to it that this dream will come true in the nearest feature. I mean, why wait till you're old. Samuel became a prophet when he was young, didn't he? There's no stopping Dean Mathis. Almost everything that comes out of Dean's mouth is either a fire-breathing Scripture 'divinely sent down
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realworld - It's what it is.

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