October 19 lecture - Specific Controversies Against The...

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October 19 2010 Specific Controversies… Against “The Perfect Penis” The commercialization of “ED” -The idea of a specific amount of time that the penis must be in the vagina(average=about 3 minutes. .) -That the penis must always be “rock hard” -That the penis should be “propped up” by Viagra and other methods of penile medicine. . Have medical definitions over simplified sex? -On male sexuality: *Masters and Johnson had less emphasis on psychological aspects of male sexual performance *Impotence treated purely as an apparatus problem rather than complex psycho- sexual issue Men’s penises are seen as simple compared to women’s sexual equipment—is that true? -Presumption: Men are ready, willing and eager to get as much sex as they can get -Every sexual experience of every man can and should be ecstatic and explosive -It is the responsibility of the man to guide his partner to pleasure and orgasm(David Schnarsh has taken this on) -Sexual competence is serious business and should always proceed through the sexual response cycle to orgasm -And most importantly a man cannot be sexually competent unless he has an erection and it should be-at any age- rock hard Sex is seen as technical, not creative by M and J -Mechanical judgments as opposed to measure by couple satisfaction -Puts a lot of pressure on men -Creates a lot of room for disappointment -When the penis is less than “perfect”—it sets the stage for problems to keep reoccurring… -(i.e. “pre-mature ejaculation”) Critics feel that the penis has been pathologized so that it can be “treated” -Now that there is an industry to help penises. .it is interesting how widespread issues are
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written up and prescriptions given. -Viagra, Cealis, Levitra, Penis pumps…implants etc
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October 19 lecture - Specific Controversies Against The...

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