October 26 lecture - What is Sex and Sexuality A definition...

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October 26 287: What is Sex and Sexuality? A definition of sexuality -all those aspects of body, mind and genital arousal that occur alone or with a partner that pertains to the erotic or the sensual By definition, it is different for different people… -an interesting dilemma happened during the Bill Clinton scandal… -“I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky,” Clinton’s definition -sex as intercourse Glamour magazine’s definitions… -oral sex-as not real sex But we have some general prejudices about what sex is or is not -we think of it as “natural” -we think of some of it as “normal” and other acts as “not normal” -What is underneath those beliefs—and how true are they? What is “natural”? People believe: -One: that there is a basic substratum of sexuality—behaviors and urges that behaves in a certain way for everyone who is “normal -two: it is normal to want sex and to have sex… -three: that sex is “natural” and urges are “normal is seen by some groups as good—and others as bad -some religious groups see natural as bad, dangerous and urge abstinence and discipline; the body is treacherous- -this is very different from nudists Natural is thought of as “innate” Sex is considered by many to be “hard wired” -If you are not “wired” a certain way—you are seen as defective -“acting against nature is seen as doing violence to the self.”(IE. We NEED orgasm) Essentialist believe that going against nature is wrong and ultimately futile
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This approach is “ essentialism -People who hold this view believe biology is destiny -However it is a values call to decide what acts are “natural” or “unnatural” All societies have a list of “unnatural acts” -But they don’t necessarily line up with what people actually do!
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October 26 lecture - What is Sex and Sexuality A definition...

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