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October 15 2010 KNOW: codominance incomplete dominance polygenic inheritance gene by gene interaction gene by environment interaction pleiotropy multiple allelism Codominance: heterozygotes have the phenotype associated with each individual allele. (blood type) Dominance relationships vary among alleles. Incomplete dominance: heterozygotes have an intermediate phenotype. Phenotype intermediate between two parental strains. Dominance is not necessarilt an all or none phenomenon Polygenic inheritance: each gene adds a small amount to the value of the phenotype. The transmission of quantitative traits results from polygenic inheritance
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Unformatted text preview: Gene by gene interaction: phenotype produced by an allele depends on the action of alleles of other genes in discrete traits Gene by environment interaction: an individuals phenotype is often as much a product of the physical environment as it is a product of the genotype. Pleiotropy: A gene that influences many traits is pleiotropic. In many cases a change in a single allele affects more than one trait. Common. Multiple allelism: existence of more than two alleles of the same gene (blood type)...
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