Practice Exam 1 - Bio180 First Practice Exam th th...

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Bio180 First Practice Exam Questions answered Wednesday, October 6 th ; questions graded Thursday, October 7 th . Question 1 Richard Dawkins claims that during a recorded discussion with a proponent of intelligent design theory, he asked how the individual interpreted fossil skulls of human ancestors. The person replied, “Those skulls don’t exist.” As a biologist, comment on this reply. Question 1 Sample answer In biology (and in science in general), it is not acceptable to deny evidence because it is inconsistent with a theory that you champion. It is not possible to evaluate the predictions of hypotheses if reasonable data are denied or not considered. Question 1 Grading rubric For full credit (2 points), answer must clearly articulate the conflict between science—which is based on evaluating evidence—and a non-scientific denial of evidence. If part of the logic is missing or they “kind of have the idea”, award partial credit (1 point). If the answer is missing or jumbled, award 0 points. ---------------------------------------------- Question 2 Feng shui is a system for designing and orienting buildings or other structures with the goal of maximizing positive qi, usually translated as “energy” or “life force,” for humans using those structures. In most cases the recommendations of traditional Feng shui practitioners were based on the position of the stars and/or magnetic fields. Treat Feng shui as a theory with a process and a pattern component, and discuss whether it should be considered a pseudoscience. Question 2 Sample answer
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Practice Exam 1 - Bio180 First Practice Exam th th...

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