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Reading Quiz 7-Chromosome Theory and Sex Linkage What is a genetic locus? *A particular position on a chromosome. What's the pattern component of the chromosome theory of inheritance? *Mendel's rules: the principle of segregation and the principle of independent    assortment, because genes are found on chromosomes. What's the process component of the chromosome theory of inheritance? * The behavior of chromosomes during meiosis I. What’s the difference between sex-linkage, X-linkage, and Y-linkage? * X-linked alleles are on the X chromosome; Y-linked alleles are on the Y   chromosome; both are sex-linked. What is an autosomal trait? * A trait associated with a gene on a non-sex chromosome. X and Y chromosomes follow the principle of segregation. What does this mean? * If an individual is XY, then each gamete gets one X or one Y. In this class and other classes at the U, you’ll write X-linked alleles as X
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Unformatted text preview: R and X r . If youre keeping track of more than one X-linked allele at a time, youd write the chromosomes as X RB and X rb (or whatever the genotype actually is for the R and B genes). Suppose a male carries an X chromosome with the R allele and the b allele. How would you write his genotype? (Note: In the answer options, ^ means superscript) * X^Rb Y Why don't alleles from linked genes assort independently, if no crossing over occurs? *They are transmitted together (on the same chromosome), instead of being transmitted independently of each other. Why do alleles from linked genes assort independently, if crossing over DOES occur? * They end up on different chromosomes, so are then transmitted independently of each other....
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