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Name: Section: ID Number: Lab Partner: Total Points = 60 pts (5 pts notebook, 55 pts template) DATA, GRAPHS AND CALCULATIONS 512.99 nm 1 pt Creating the calibration curve: Ferroin: Concentration (M) Absorbance 1.25E-05 0.150 2.50E-05 0.270 2 pts 3.75E-05 0.460 5.00E-05 0.530 6.25E-05 0.650 λ max: Purpose and Method Clearly state the purpose of this part of the lab. Explain how this is accomplished in this experiment. What calculations do you need to perform? What measurements will be made? [Do not provide experimental details here]. How do you go from calculated/measured values to accomplishing stated purpose? ( 10 pts: roughly divided 1 for the goal and 3 each for addressing each of the three parts of the experiment. ) . The purpose of this lab is to be able to make standard solutions from a stock solution and to determine the concentration of an unknown solution through the use of a calibration curve. Here, we use the concentrations found in the prelab to prepare our solutions. The precise amounts of stock solution found in the prelab are transferred to a 10mL volumetric flask, and DI water is filled to the remaining space left to obtain 10mL of solution. Using a crushed iron tablet, we then perform similar procedures. By adding various solutions and going through a filtering process, we dilute this as well to form a ferroin complex. Once these solutions are prepared, they will be placed in a spectrophotometer to find the absorbance of each standard solution and the ferroin complex. Given this, a calibration curvecan be created to determine the concentration of ferroin in the solution. Experiment 2
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CARROLL LAB 2 - Name: ID Number: Section: Lab Partner:...

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