Week 5 Outline - Week 5: Outline (Note: this is a general...

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Week 5: Outline (Note: this is a general idea of topics you should be able to explain on an exam) 10/27/09 COURTSHIP - dating with an intentional movement to marriage. I. Trends in Commitment a) types of cohabitation b) increase from 72% to 80% of population had cohabited at some point (1990’s data). c) locations of cohabitation (urban/rural, North/South) d) now: 50% of people live together before marriage in U.S. - rates in prior years in US lower, France much higher (70%) e) same sex couples f) cohabitation is relatively short term: break-up or marriage follows g) children in cohabitating households h) characteristics of cohabiters i) Why did cohabitation increase? II. Is cohabitation a stage or an alternative to marriage? III. Equity vs. Equality -housework IV. Sex: cohabiters have more than married couples, why? a) cohabiters who get married have the same or a lesser chance of remaining married than those who never cohabitated. 1. Theory 1: cohabitation makes marriage unstable, changes relationship of the couple 2. Theory 2: selection effect
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10/29/09 Guest Lecture: Barbara Risman, Professor of Sociology, University of Illinois at Chicago "Gender Vertigo: American Families in Transition" I. Epistemological Issues: 19th Century Positivism: -Facts speak for themselves - Scientist is objective and neutral Radical Constructivism / Post-Modernism - All is narrative, science is just one more story Standpoint Analyses -World exists independent of observations
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Week 5 Outline - Week 5: Outline (Note: this is a general...

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