Week 9 Outline - b in unhappy marriages men withdraw women...

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Week 9 Outline I. Marital Satisfaction --> Common Conflict Areas: sex, money, household division of labor A. Sex 1. sex as a power tactic 2. common problems with sex 3. Sexual Coercion a. Historical male control of women's bodies b. legal changes regarding marital rape c. Sexual coercion in same-sex couples B. Money 1. conflict is related to power in relationship 2. women tend to record, men tend to have more power 3. 80% of couples pool income C. Household Labor 1. strongest correlation with marital happiness D. Behaviors that predict divorce: Gottman a) contempt, defensiveness, criticism, stonewalling E. Types of marriages a) validating, volatile, conflict-avoiding
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Unformatted text preview: b) in unhappy marriages: men withdraw, women get sick II. Abusive Relationships A. History of government intervention (or lack of) B. Neil Jacobson interview: 1) men almost always abuse women rather than vice-versa Types of abusers: 2) "Cobra" abusers 3) " Pit-bull" abusers 4) Red Flags for abuse: a) drug/alchohol abuse b) previously violent relationship 5) Therapy: a) requires recognition by the abuser that the battery is his responsibility b) can increase violence by upsetting patterns (i.e.- avoidance) that have been established for the woman's protection...
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Week 9 Outline - b in unhappy marriages men withdraw women...

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