Week 10 Outline - Week 10 Outline Tuesday December 1 2009...

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Week 10 Outline Tuesday, December 1, 2009 Divorce I. Trends A. Trends: 1. divorce rate rose steadily since records were first kept in 1860 2. divorce rates leveled off around 1985 B. Divorce rate is effected by economy, social events 1. increases after: WWI 2. decreased during: depression of 1930's 3. spiked sharply during and directly after WWII 4. decreased during 1950's: great economy in USA, Baby Boom years 5. despite spikes with key events, divorce rate rose steadily until late 1960's, then sharply increased during 1970's, 80's as Baby Boom generation reaches adulthood C. Current divorce rate is about 40%, 60% of people who marry will have lifetime marriages II. Which marriages are most at risk? A. Age: 1. Marriage before age 20 are 2-3 times more likely to divorce than those who wait until 20's a. teens: lack maturity b. often marry due to pregnancy c. teens couples are financially poor B. Children: 1. Each child (up to 3 children total) reduces the risk of marital disruption a. Compared to childless couples: 1 child --> 74% risk 2 children --> 63% risk 3 children --> 56% risk 2. Couples with at least 1 son decrease divorce risk vs. couples with only girls, 2nd boy further decreases risk a. male child effect seems to function via increased father involvement associated with boys
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C. Education (controlling for income)
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Week 10 Outline - Week 10 Outline Tuesday December 1 2009...

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