Lecture Notes for Week Six

Lecture Notes for Week Six - k. Building a New World or...

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Lecture Notes for Week Six Tuesday: The Transition to Marriage A. The Marriage Market a. Supply b. Preferences c. Resources d. Demand B. Assortative Mating C. Culture matters in determining marriage specifics a. Normative b. Rewards/Costs D. Transition to Marriage a. Attraction b. Rising Search Costs c. Preferences Meet Minimum Level d. Homogamy e. Example: Interracial Relationships and Religious Differences Among Cohabitating and Married Couples E. Impact of the Transition to Marriage a. Legal Transition b. Sacred Act c. Rituals of Solemnity and Permanence d. Different – Often Competing – Obligations e. Pressure to Have Children f. Non-Collective Change g. Daily Relationship h. Interdependency i. Future Orientation j. Changes in Social Circles
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Unformatted text preview: k. Building a New World or Family Culture F. Whyte’s Study: What explains having successful early years of marriage? a. Big weddings b. Homogamy c. Family backgrounds d. Institutional connections e. Number of Social Contacts f. Family approval g. Similar values h. Flexible Personalities G. Some Info from Graphs and Charts a. How do people rank family in terms of importance? b. Trends in number of people living alone (versus in families) c. Trends in median age at 1 st marriage d. How many people actually marry at least once? H. Why do people want marriage? a. Legal rights and obligations b. Recognition...
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Lecture Notes for Week Six - k. Building a New World or...

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