CH 301 HW 3 Solutions

CH 301 HW 3 Solutions - giang (dvg247) Homework 3 Sutclie...

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giang (dvg247) – Homework 3 – Sutclife – (50965) 1 This print-out should have 19 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page – Fnd all choices be±ore answering. This covers up to drawing simple Lewis dot structure ±or molecules / polyatomic ions. More complex concepts in drawing Lewis dot structures will be covered in HW4. 001 10.0 points Which o± the ±ollowing elements would be ex- pected to have the highest electronegativity? 1. Li 2. Al 3. As 4. P correct 5. Ge Explanation: Electronegativity generally increases ±rom le±t to right and ±rom bottom to top o± the Periodic Table. 002 10.0 points Generally speaking, in the periodic table, elec- tronegativity (decreases, increases) in going ±rom le±t to right and (decreases, increases) in going ±rom top to bottom. 1. decreases; increases 2. decreases; decreases 3. increases; increases 4. increases; decreases correct Explanation: As the elements become less metallic their electronegativities increase. 003 10.0 points On the usual Pauling scale o± electronegativi- ties, the electronegativity o± Selenium (Se) is 2.4, while that o± chlorine (Cl) is 3.0. Based on these values we should expect the bonding between Se and Cl to be 1. covalent and nonpolar. 2. covalent and polar with the Cl end o± the bond slightly negative. correct 3. covalent and polar with the Se end o± the bond slightly negative. 4. ionic. 5. unstable in any circumstances. Explanation: Since the electronegativity diference is small (3.0 - 2.4 = 0.6), we expect that this bond will be covalent and polar (because the electronegativity diference is not zero). Cl has a larger electronegativity than Se, so it will draw electrons toward itsel± and away ±rom Se. This will make the Cl end o± this bond slightly negative. 004 10.0 points All o± the ±ollowing can have the ground-state electron conFguration [Xe] 4 f 14 5 d 10 except 1. Bi 5+ 2. Tl + correct 3. Au + 4. Hg 2+ 5. Pb 4+ Explanation: Write the electron conFgurations ±or the ions listed to see which one matches the outer electron conFguration given. The Au±bau or- der o± electron Flling is 1 s ,2 s p ,3 s p ,4 s , 3 d p ,5 s d p ,6 s f d p , etc .
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CH 301 HW 3 Solutions - giang (dvg247) Homework 3 Sutclie...

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