Water_supply_system3 - Introduction Etihad stadium is...

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Introduction: Etihad stadium is modernist multi-sport venue in Australia. it was officially opened in 2000. this sport venue used to be called the Docklands stadium. In 2009, formally changed it is name to Etihad stadium as an agreement of five years between Etihad airlines and stadium operator. Sustainable engineering is the field of engineering that looks closely at the strategies to practice sustainability by reducing the pollution and higher performance efficiency"book". Triple Bottom Line (TBL) is a method of assessing a project based on economic, social and environmental analysis. TBL must be taken into account as apart of the sustainable engineers task. In addition, this report will show very modern design criteria to ensure the sustainability practices in Etihad stadium. Objective: The objective of this section of the report is to emphasize the well sustainable design for Etihad stadium. Specific information of preliminary design and construction will be included. As well, simple pictures and figures will be
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Water_supply_system3 - Introduction Etihad stadium is...

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