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Why study history worksheet

Why study history worksheet - great indicator of what will...

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Sarah D’Altera 6949754` 17:03:10 HAS203 Families, Relationships and Sexuality Why study history worksheet Why is it important to study the history of families? As social beings, humans have evolved their communication and interaction skills over time; which has enabled us to further develop our knowledge about ourselves as well as one another. Studying the history of families furthers our understanding about our species and is key in comprehending how people socialize. The foundations of socialisation occurs to a large extent, for most groups of humans, within the family setting, where how you are raised by the people closest to you, such as parents, siblings and extended family, shape the person you become. Looking at the history of families we can generalize a significant amount of information such as; behaviours or specific patterns that have developed over time or innate behaviours that impact upon the entire species. Evolutionary patterns are a
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Unformatted text preview: great indicator of what will typically occur in members of the species, and as a modern day society we can learn from the past and predict future behaviours. It is important to be able to predict future behaviours of our species because as it enables us to gage a higher level of understanding about why we behave the way we do and what implications this can have on other members of society, in particular those we interact and socialize with. This knowledge can be put to use to further the species, where we can look back on the mistakes or achievements throughout history, in particular the best ways to raise a family and interact with other beings. Studying the history of families is important for humans as a species to ensure our survival in the most efficient way possible, where we can learn from ancestral history in order to further the species....
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