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Swinburne University of Technology HAY 206/G420, Developmental Psychology Assignment 1. Description and Review of Social Service Program for Children, Adolescents and/or Families. This assignment has three aspects, only one of which is formally graded. The other aspects are hurdle requirements which you must complete but which are not graded. One page ( 250 words) description of the program (not graded) Literature review (750 words) of effectiveness of programs of this type and factors that influence effectiveness (4-7 references). This component is graded and worth 15% of your final mark. Class presentation to a small group in your lab class of the program you described and the findings of your review (Hurdle requirement- not graded) Due Date: Week 5,Tuesday, 30 th March. Submission : Assignments are to be handed directly to your tutor in your lab class. If you cannot hand in your assignment to your tutor on the day of your class, you need to email the course convenor ( [email protected] ) the assignment when you have completed it so we know you have done it and then put the printed version in the late assignment box on the 7 th Floor. You should retain both a plain copy and an electronic copy of your work. In the event of loss or detection of irregularities you will be required to provide a new copy of your assignment. The structure of assignments may be correlated with other assignments to detect plagiarism Description of the Program You are required to identify and describe a social service program that is directed to improving the quality of life for children, adolescents and/or families. You may choose to describe a program running in your own area of Melbourne, or a program that operates anywhere in Australia. Examples of such programs might be:
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Assignment outline social service10 - Swinburne University...

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