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1 A 20,000 kg Wegman's truck travels at 100 km/h. With what speed v must a 1000 kg Neon travel so that it has the same momentum? v Neon =? A. 100 km/h B. 450 km/h C. 2,000 km/h D. 40,000 km/h E. Not sure Suppose that both the truck (m=20,000 kg) and the Neon (m=1000 kg) are initially traveling at the same speed v. To stop both vehicles in the same time (and therefore the same distance), what must be the ratio of the forces applied to them? F on truck /F on Neon = ? 1. 1/20 2. 1 3. 20 4. 400 5. Not sure Two blocks of mass m 1 and m 2 are connected by a spring, and are free to slide on a frictionless surface. The blocks are separated and then released rest. What is the ratio of their speeds at a later time as they approach each other? m 1 m 2 v 1 /v 2 =? A. 1 B. m 1 / m 2 C. m 2 / m 1 D. m 1 / (m 1 +m 2 ) E. m 2 / (m 1 +m 2 ) An ice skater of mass M=100 kg is initially at rest, and throws a snowball of mass m=1 kg with a speed of 10 m/s relative to the ground. What is the skater's speed after throwing the snowball? (Assume friction can be ignored.) v skater =? A. 0 m/s B. 0.100 m/s C. 1 m/s D. 10 m/s E. not enough information
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2 A superball and a putty ball are dropped onto a tabletop from the same height. They both have the same mass m . Which changes its momentum the most in the collision with the tabletop? A.
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P2207_inlecture_questions_collisions - A 20,000 kg Wegman's...

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