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1 Section Number: ______ Your Name : _____________________________ Your Recitation Instructor’s Name: ________________________________ Physics 2207 Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Prelim 2 7:30 - 9:00 pm ________________________________________________________________ PLEASE CHECK THAT THIS PACKET HAS 10 QUESTIONS AND 21 PAGES! The 21 pages include pages numbered up to 15, a 3-page formula and fundamental constant handout, and 3 blank pages to be used as scrap paper. Don’t forget to write down your name above! Use g=10 m/s 2 in calculations. Write your answers directly on the question sheets in the space provided. Multiple choice questions 1- 3 will be graded based on the answer only; work need not be shown. For questions 4 -10, show enough of your work to indicate how you arrived at your result. Clearly label your work and your answers. For numeric answers be sure to give units. If you need more space for calculations, use the backs of the question sheets and clearly label the whereabouts of your work for each question. Work on separate scrap paper will not be graded. Do not spend too much time on any one question or part of a question. Solve the questions you can solve easily first, and then return to the more difficult problems. It's a good use of your time to read the entire exam before starting. This is a closed book exam. You may not refer to any notes, books, or other people. All work must be your own. You may use non-graphing calculators. ________________________________________________________________ For grading only: 1- 3 ________ / 15 7. __________ / 15 4. __________ / 5 8. __________ / 15 5. __________ / 5 9. __________ / 15 6. __________ / 15 10. _________ / 15 Total: __________ /100 ________________________________________________________________ DO NOT GO TO THE NEXT PAGE UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. Good luck!
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Your name ________________________ 2 Multiple Choice Questions 1- 3: Circle the correct answer . Question 1 (5 points) A stone is thrown at speed v from a bridge at angle θ with respect to the horizontal ( θ0 : upward, θ<0 : downward). Ignoring any effects from the air, the speed with which the rock hits the water below … (A) is maximal for θ= 45 degrees. (B) is maximal for θ= 0 degrees. (C) is maximal for θ=- 45 degrees. (D) is maximal for θ= -90 degrees. (E) is independent of the angle
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proposedprelim2_2009_v2 - Section Number Your Name Your...

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