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Section #: ________ YOUR NAME: ___________________________ Section Instructor’s Name: ___________________________ Physics 207 Prelim 1 Exam October 9, 2003 7:30-9:00 p.m.  PLEASE CHECK THAT THIS PACKAGE HAS 12 PROBLEMS ON 10 PAGES! Three blank pages to be used as scrap paper should be attached at the end of this package. A formula and value sheet has been handed out separately. Write your answers directly on the question sheets in the spaces provided. Multiple-choice problems will be graded based on the answer only; work need not be shown. For the other problems, show enough of your work to indicate how you arrived at your result. Clearly label your work and your answers. For numeric answers be sure to give the appropriate units. If you need more space for calculations, use the backs of the question sheets and clearly label the whereabouts of your work for each problem. Work on separate scrap paper will not be graded. Do not spend too much time on any one problem or part of a problem. Solve the problems that you can solve easily first, and then return to the more difficult problems. It’s a good use of your time to read the entire exam before starting. This is a closed book exam. You may use non-graphing calculators.  For grading use only: 1. _____________ / 5 6. _____________ / 5 11. _____________ / 12 2. _____________ / 5 7. _____________ / 10 12. _____________ / 10 3. _____________ / 5 8. _____________ / 10 4. _____________ / 10 9. _____________ / 12 5. _____________ / 5 10. _____________ / 11 Total: _____________ / 100
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Name: __________________________________ 1. [5 points] A car is stopped at a traffic light. The light changes, and the car accelerates to its cruising speed. The car maintains that speed until it approaches the next light when the driver applies the brakes and brings the car to a halt. Which of the following velocity v versus time t graphs best represents this motion? Please circle the letter of the correct graph.
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2003FPre1 - Section #: _ YOUR NAME: _ Section Instructors...

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