ANSWER03 2010 - Lab Section: ______ Name:...

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Unformatted text preview: Lab Section: ______ Name: ______________________________ Lab Instructor: ______________________________ P2207 Lab Working Notes Answers 3-1 Cornell University, Fall 2010 Lab 3 Data Answers A. Group Experiment: Tension vs. Angle (Typical experimental values are shown. The third row is filled in with the expected value of T using the equation you derived in Question 1 below.) Table of T vs. : Weight W = 62.5 N T (N): 64 66 72 83 101 128 150 ( ): 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 (N): 64 67 72 82 97 125 183 B. F(x) Curve for a Spring Use Analyze/Linear Fit to calculate the stiffness of the spring, k : For a particular spring, the slope of the F vs. x graph was 81.9 N/m. This is the spring constant, k, so k = 81.9 N/m Lab 3 Questions Answers 1. Write expressions for T (tension in the diagonal rope) and F (force applied to the horizontal rope) in terms of the weight W of the bowling ball and the angle . Then use your expression for T to fill in the third row of your data chart with predicted values of...
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ANSWER03 2010 - Lab Section: ______ Name:...

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