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ANSWER04 2010 - Lab Section: _ Name: LAB 04 ANSWER KEY Lab...

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Lab Section: ______ Name: LAB 04 ANSWER KEY Lab Instructor: __________________ Instructor’s Signature: __________________ P2207 Lab Working Notes Questions 4-1 Cornell University, Fall 2010 *** This lab has been modified since the lab manual was printed: the instructions for this lab are all right here on this yellow sheet. *** EXPERIMENT - Measuring the Drag Coefficient on a Falling Coffee Filter 1. Measure the terminal velocity v t for one and several filters Open the shortcut Filter to launch Logger Pro. Stand on a short stool and gently release a single coffee filter below the Ranger. Hold the filter about 0.5 m from the ranger, and release the filter with both hands simultaneously in order to reduce its tendency to move from side to side as it falls. Keep your hands and the stool out of the Ranger’s beam! You are trying to obtain position and velocity graphs on which you can clearly see the portion of the motion where the filter is falling at its terminal speed, v t . Highlight (click-and-drag across) the portion of the position vs. time graph which shows the filter falling at a roughly constant speed. Select Analyze/Linear Fit and read the slope from the pop-up window that appears. This slope is the average value of the terminal speed v t during the selected time interval. Record this value in the first row of the data table below. If your data contains a few "bad" data points, where the range finder beam "misses" the filter, DO NOT include them in your time window.
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ANSWER04 2010 - Lab Section: _ Name: LAB 04 ANSWER KEY Lab...

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