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General Information Chem 1b, Winter 2009-2010 Course Syllabus Updated 1/2/10 page 1 of 5 Ch1b General Information and Course Syllabus Course Instructors: James R. Heath 16A Noyes, x6079, [email protected] Sarah E. Reisman 349 Crellin, x6044, [email protected] Profs. Heath and Reisman plan the curriculum and deliver lectures. Any feedback regarding the overall nature, content and pace of the course should be directed to them. Course Coordinators: Marco Allodi ( [email protected] ) Eric Olmon ( [email protected] The course coordinators (head TAs) are responsible for the general course administration and website maintenance. Please see Marco with questions about adding/dropping, changing sections and other administrative issues. ) Head Grader: So Hyun Ahn The head grader is responsible for coordinating the grading for the course. Please see So Hyun with questions regarding extensions and grading errors. Meeting Times Lectures: MTR: 11 – 11:55 AM (Baxter Lecture Hall) Recitations: W: 2 – 3 PM, 4 – 5 PM, 7 – 8 PM (various locations; see REGIS) Office Hours: Mainly Thursday evening/night (the Ch1 Resource Center, 20 Gates, see schedule online) Recommended Texts Principles of Modern Chemistry , D.W. Oxtoby, H.P. Gillis & A. Campion, Brooks Cole, 6 th edition. (OGC) Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry nd edition. (RC) Free download: Keynotes in Organic Chemistry , A.F. Parsons, Blackwell Publishing. (P) Other Course Resources Website: Ch1 Resource Room : Room 20 Gates Grades Problem Sets 30% Quizzes 10% Midterm 30% Final 30% You must submit all work – even if it’s late and you receive no credit. If you do not submit all problem sets, quizzes, and exams, you will not pass the course.
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General Information Chem 1b, Winter 2009-2010 Course Syllabus Updated 1/2/10 page 2 of 5 Problem Sets, Quizzes & Exams Problem Sets (same as Ch1a) Weekly problem sets will be assigned and available for download from the Ch1b website every Friday. Selected solutions will be posted approximately three days after the due date, except for those scheduled during the midterm and the final. No material will be posted during those times so as to assure that students taking the exam during the beginning of the exam periods will have the same resources available to them as those who wait until the end of the exam periods. Problem sets are due the following Friday at 4PM in the drop-box next to Lloyd. Some problems are designated “no collaboration” which means just that! You must do these problems yourself and may not even check answers with other Ch1 students. All material, including problem sets, must be completed and submitted for grading; otherwise, you will fail! Problem sets turned in late will receive reduced or no credit, but you must submit all problem sets to pass. Unless you have permission from the head grader, points will be deducted according to the ‘Late Work Schedule.’ (see below)
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Ch1b2010_Syllabus - General Information Course Syllabus...

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