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STUDY GUIDE - 2 Resting Potential –[a condition of...

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STUDY GUIDE: EXAM 2 Chapters 6-9 The biological bases of behavior: a) neuron b) resting potential c) action potential Three parts of a neuron: a) soma – cell body, contains nucleus, incoming signals = integrated b) dendrites – branches off soma, responds to excitations from other neurons and transmits to soma c) axon – carries nerve impulse to the next cell a. collaterals offshoots of the axon b. axon hillock o located next to soma on the axon o where the depolarization (firing) of axon begins. Two response phases: 1) Action Potential – [a] nerve impulse (depolarization) travels along axon when neuron fires [b] Neuron is fired when net total is at full threshold o All or nothing – neuron fires fully or not at all o Depolarization – reversal of electrical potential of opposing charges across axon membrane sodium ENTERS axon membrane o Repolarization – The rebalancing of charges across the axon membrane following action potential Potassium EXITS axon membrane
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Resting Potential – [a] condition of electirical tension (happens BEFORE neuron fires) [b] When neuron is at rest its loaded, waiting to fire, (fires fully or not at all – all or nothing ) *** Neuron charge in resting potential = -70mv o Sodium –potassium pump: active transport system that carries sodium (Na + ) out and potassium (K + in) o Hyperpolarization : interior [of neuron] becomes more negative than when it started at resting potential ✔ **difficult to fire o Hypopolarization – less negative, polarization is reduced to ✔ Axon hillock is enabled to fully depolarize and FIRE NEURON \ Synapse and Receptors: Pre-synaptic terminal : the button like end of an axon, known as collaterall, releases neurotransmitters onto another cell… also known as synaptic knob [pre-synaptic terminal] AKA synaptic knob = where axon ends and CALCIUM [Ca ++ ] release neurotransmitters...
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STUDY GUIDE - 2 Resting Potential –[a condition of...

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