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psy 315 studyguide-4 - Name Location : (Hindbrain) Medulla...

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Name Location : (Hindbrain) Function Damage Medulla Autonomic reflexes: heart beat and blood pressure Medulla Oblongata- important in the functioning of basic body system, respiration and circulation Major site of many drug attacks Pons Bridge to the two hemispheres together. In the grand crossover the nerve fibers from right brain to left side of body and vice versa Cerebellum Balance and coordination The Vestibular System of the ear regulates balance and runs to the cerebellum so that both are stimulated by the movements of the head A hit from the back portion of the head where the cerebell um is located causes one to stumble due to the shock Terms: Ataxia - Muscular in coordination
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Name Location: ( Midbrain ) Function Damage Tectum General involves reflex system 1 pair governs visual reflex 2 nd pair governs auditory reflex Tegmentum Part of the motor system Contains two tegmental nuclei 1.) Red nucleus 2.) Substantia Nigra (Black Stuff)-
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psy 315 studyguide-4 - Name Location : (Hindbrain) Medulla...

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