Lecture 0-b - 1 EE3563 Course Overview Course Overview&...

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Unformatted text preview: 8/25/2010 1 EE3563 Course Overview Course Overview & Design Flow & Design Flow Digital Systems Design Prof. Byeong Kil Lee Department of Department of E lectrical and lectrical and C omputer omputer E ngineering ngineering Course Overview Course Overview System System Digital Digital Design Design s 3 Class information Class information • Syllabus is available: – @Blackboard ( http://bb.utsa.edu ) • Textbook – Digital Systems Design Using VHDL , 2nd edition 4 (by C. H. Roth and L. K. John) • Reference books – Digital System Design with VHDL, 2nd edition (by Mark Zwolinski) – Digital Design, 2nd edition by Frank Vahid • Office: BSE 1.528 • Office hours: M/W: 1-3pm or by appointment Contents Contents • Logic Design Fundamentals • Introduction to VHDL • Programmable Logic • Design Examples SM Charts & Microprogramming 5 • SM Charts & Microprogramming • Designing with FPGAs • Floating Point Arithmetic • Additional VHDL • RISC Microprocessor • Design for Testability • Additional Design Examples Class information (cont.) Class information (cont.) • GRADING: (tentative) – Homework & Lab assignments 25% – Midterm Exams (2) 40% – Final Exam 30% – Class Participation, Pop quizzes, etc. 5% 6 • Attendance Policy: Attendance is required. Students are responsible for topics covered in missed classes, as well as any assignments due • Academic Integrity and Collaboration: Cheating in any form will be fully prosecuted. Collaboration is allowed on homework assignments, but the submission must be each student's own work. 8/25/2010 2 Engineering Professionalism Engineering Professionalism • On-time arrival to class and for group meetings...
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Lecture 0-b - 1 EE3563 Course Overview Course Overview&...

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