polarimeter the mystery of 180

polarimeter the mystery of 180 - Bulletin No: P001 Title:...

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Bulletin No: P001 Title: Polarimetry and Polarimeters – a simple explanation Polarimeters are optical instruments for measuring the rotation or ‘twisting’ of light. Industrial and academic laboratories use polarimeters for a variety of purposes ranging from simple quality control to fundamental research into complex chemical structures. Bellingham and Stanley have been designing and manufacturing high quality polarimeters for over eighty years. Principle of polarimetry Polarised light is light that has passed through a ‘polariser’, which forces the randomised electromagnetic waveforms into one plane. When this plane-polarised light then passes through an optically active substance (e.g. solution of an optically active chemical) the PLANE of polarisation is rotated by an amount which is characteristic of the test substance. Polarimeters detect the position of the PLANE and compare it to its original position, the difference being the rotation, normally expressed in angular degrees (°A). A sample tube containing the test liquid (solution) is placed between two polarising elements (polaroid strip or a calcite crystal). The first element, the polarise r , polarises the light before it passes into the sample. The second element, the analyser , can be rotated to counteract any rotation by the sample and hence locates the resultant angular position of the light plane and hence the amount of rotation caused by the sample. In the sugar industry, the rotation is expressed on a different scale, the International Sugar Scale (ISS), denoted Bellingham + Stanley Ltd/Technical Bulletin No: P001 1
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as°Z. Polarimeters that are designed for particular use in the sugar industry are called
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polarimeter the mystery of 180 - Bulletin No: P001 Title:...

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