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Architecture is those attributes visible to the programmer

Architecture is those attributes visible to the programmer...

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Architecture is those attributes visible to the programmer...instruction set, number of bits used for data representation, I/O mechanisms, addressing techniques. Organization is how features are implemented...Control signals, interfaces, memory technology. Structure is the way in which components relate to each other Function is the operation of individual components as part of the structure...data processing, data storage, data movement, control ENAIC… Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer 1943-1946...1955 Eckert and Mauchly...University of Pennsylvania...Trajectory tables for weapons Decimal (not binary)...20 accumulators of 10 digits Programmed manually by switches…18,000 vacuum tubes…30 tons 15,000 square feet…140 kW power consumption…5,000 additions per second Von Neumann 1952… Stored Program concept...Main memory storing programs and data ALU operating on binary data...Control unit interpreting instructions from memory and executing Input and output equipment operated by control unit...Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies
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