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Elizabeth Voss Law 304 Week 3 Homework May 23, 2010 1. Was Dozier obligated to pay Paschall for the improvements done on his home without a contract? No, if anyone is going to have to pay in this situation it’s the people that the informal contract was made with. The court would’ve then created a quasi-contract and go after the people who made the original agreement. Since the Mr. Dozier was not part of the agreement, Paschall cannot sue him for money, even though it was his property that the improvements were made on. So in this case, Mr. Dozier is not responsible for the improvements to the property, rather the daughter and grandson would be responsible. 2. After sending a certified letter revoking an offer by Katherine, the man that the offer was offered to (Paul) had accepted the offer before notice was received to him. Was the offered revoked? No, the law states that the person that the offer was made needs to actually receive communication before the offered can be revoked. It does not matter when the revoked offer was sent, it’s when it is
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