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Elizabeth Voss Week 4 homework LAW 304 1. After Joe found items from the dump, the orginial owner, Marlene decided she wanted them back? What was the result? The definition of abandoned property is ‘personal property is deemed abandoned when the owner relinquishes possession with the intention to disclaim title to it.” In this case, because the items were found in the dump, and it appears that Marlene’s intentions were to rid of the item- Joe is able to keep the dishes because he is the first person to obtain possession of the dishes. 2. Could Fastner revoke an offer made to buy items at a certain price, for a certain time, specifying the reason he revoked the offer was due to consideration? He cannot revoke the offer due to the signed notice that the offer was irrevocable. The offer was only open 10 days! The timing this is situation could’ve played a part as well, considering the “mailbox” timing issue. In this case, (even though no acceptance communication was sent) Fastner would not have been able to revoke
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