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Essay #1 FIN4634

Essay #1 FIN4634 - Essays must Be 500 words Provide three(3...

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Essays must: Be 500 words Provide three (3) references (excluding the text) Be your own wording Be submitted in the Blackboard's submission box (no attachment) May be submitted no earlier than 48 hours before the deadline Be independently researched One point will be deducted for each violation (please take it seriously) Essay #1 (must be 500 words) The World Bank Its inception, evolution, purpose, and responsibilities Please dedicate the last 300 words of this essay to whether or not they fulfilled their responsibilities that you mentioned above. TENGO 555 PALABRAS :S VE SI PUEDES ACHICARMELO…. ANTES TENIA 600 ASIQUE LO PUDE ACHICAR UN POCO MAS PERO NO SE QUE MAS ACHICARLE JEJEJE VE QUE PUEDES HACER. LOVE YA!!! The World Bank was the result of the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944. In 1968 the main function of the bank was to lend money which it was carefully monitored. The initial purpose was to create an organization to provide a source of lending money as well as investment. One of the first countries to receive the support of World Bank was France with $250 million dollar loan which it had strict repayments agreements. The World Bank assisted under-developed and developed countries by sending them loans, making calculations and assumptions that the money was going to be repaid. Afterwards, the main concern of the World Bank was to provide the help to nations with poverty and help their people as well as to make available the funds for infrastructural requirements and social services. Now in days, the World Bank focus is on lending money to support environmental and infrastructural requirements; it also assists in providing technical knowledge about an unstable financial market. Distribution of money for economic growth is the main responsibility of the World Bank.
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