ECEN322 SYLLABUS - ECEN 322-502 Electric and Magnetic...

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ECEN 322-502 Electric and Magnetic Fields Catalog description: Credit 3. Vector analysis, Maxwell’s equations, wave propagation in unbounded regions, reflection and refraction of waves, transmission line theory, introduction to waveguides and antennas. Prerequisites: PHYS 208, ECEN 214, MATH 311 or registration therein. Instructor: Dr. K. A. Michalski, [email protected] Lecture: MWF 1:50—2:40PM, ZACH 223A Office Hours: MW 12:00—1:30PM, ZACH 208G Textbook: F. T. Ulaby, Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics, 5 th Ed., Pearson 2007 Course Policies: 1. Class attendance is mandatory. 2. Homework will be assigned but will not be collected for grading. Homework solutions will be provided. 3. There will be at least six quizzes with questions related to recent homework and lectures. The lowest quiz score will be dropped. 4. There will be two midterm exams (tentatively scheduled for October 5 and November 9) and a comprehensive final exam (on December 15, 3:30-5:30PM). 5. Make-up exams or quizzes will not be given, except in verifiable cases of illness or emergency.
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ECEN322 SYLLABUS - ECEN 322-502 Electric and Magnetic...

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