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I. INTRODCUTION A. Objective: The purpose of this lab was to understand the relationship between Position, Velocity and Acceleration and gain familiarity with collecting position data using a computer observe the back forth motion of a five objects and qualitatively analyze the motion of object that move back and forth. Also analyze and interpret the back and forth motion in the kinematic graphs and use the kinematic graphs to catalog the objects that exhibit similar motion. B. Theory: The definition of “kinematics” is the study of the motion of objects using words, equations, graphs and diagrams and numbers. Kinematics is a study aimed at explaining the motion of objects. The “Kinematic Equations” all have four variables. If you know three of the variables then you can always calculate the fourth. These equations can predict an object’s motion. The four equations use the following variables; displacement of the object, the time the object was moving, the acceleration of the object, the initial velocity of the object and the final velocity of the object. In physics, Position is the location of an object measured relative to the origin. In this experiment, the position of the object is the same as the object's distance as measured from motion sensor which uses sound waves to locate the object. Displacement is the change in position x = x f xi , and can be both positive or negative. Average velocity is the change in displacement divided by change in time = v ∆x∆t . The slope between any two points in the x vs. t plot is the average velocity. Average acceleration is the change in velocity divided by change in time. a
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physics02lab report - I. INTRODCUTION A. Objective: The...

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