Cytochrome C Protein Purification

Cytochrome C Protein Purification - The Isolation and...

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The Isolation and Purification of Cytochrome C from a Deer Heart By Marsha R. Taylor Biochemistry Laboratory Dr. Laura Frost Georgia Southern University Statesboro, GA October 18, 2010 Abstract
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The cytochrome c protein has been isolated from deer heart by ion exchange chromatography. Cytochrome c is presented by protein concentration and redox assays, along with size exclusion chromatography to determine the concentration and molecular weight obtained from the sample. Cytochrome c was isolated from the sample with a low yield. Introduction The isolation and purification of cytochrome c from deer heart allows a determination of the yield and characterization of the protein. Cytochrome c is an iron containing transport protein between cytochrome c reductase and cytochrome oxidase (1). After the reduced cytochrome c is oxidized, it is a major factor for the formation of the protein gradient across the mitochondrial membrane (1). Cytochrome c has been isolated from beef heart muscle by selective precipitation, ion exchange, and gel filtration column
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Cytochrome C Protein Purification - The Isolation and...

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