PreLabCaffeine_MT - size of 6 beverages the four listed and...

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Pre-Lab Questions Marsha Taylor September 26, 2010 1. Define retention time. Retention time is the time it takes for an analyte to pass through the system of a chromatograph and show a peak at the detector (from the column inlet to the detector). 2. Your chromatogram will likely identify several peaks. Which one corresponds to paraxanthine? To caffeine? Caffeine is the peak in the last position. Paraxanthine should be a high second peak. 3. Structurally, what is the difference between caffeine and paraxanthine? Caffeine has an additional methyl group. Caffeine is demethylated at N3 when metabolized forming Paraxanthine. CAFFEINE 4. In the table below, list the amount of caffeine and serving
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Unformatted text preview: size of 6 beverages, the four listed and two of your choice. Beverage Serving Size Mg Caffeine ** Coca-Cola Classic ® 12 oz 35 mgs Diet Coke® 12 oz 47 mgs Coffee (drip) 8 oz 100 mgs Red Bull 8.3 oz 76 mgs Tea (Black) 8 oz 40-120mgs Starbucks Vanilla Latte 16 oz 150 mgs ** 5. Jittery and Twittery are two students that completed this lab exercise. Jittery’s highest MR was after 3 hours and Twittery’s highest MR was six hours after ingestion. Which of these two students metabolize caffeine more quickly? Jittery with the high MR at 3 hours...
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PreLabCaffeine_MT - size of 6 beverages the four listed and...

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