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Unformatted text preview: epted, one person may be willing to do the problems. In this case, other team members will be unprepared for tests. Look for strengths in each team member and actively encourage everybody to participate. During project reports, the instructor is most likely to ask questions of any member who does not seem to be actively involved. Poor answers from one person reflect badly on the entire team. Menu (material continues) C I Student Projects. Working Your Your Team: page 3 Working With With Team Schedule team meetings at times and places which are convenient for every team member. If a member has a problem getting to meetings, ask him or her to pick a time for the next meeting. If problems develop within your team, attempt to work things out as a group. In the event that this does not seem to be working, keep your instructor informed of what is happening. If, despite being given ample opportunity and encouragement , a member has not participated in the preparation of a team report, other members have the right to omit his or her name from a written report or to exclude him or her from an oral presentation. Such action must only be taken as a last resort. However, you should not be intimidated into giving credit to someone who did not contribute to the team effort. The good news is that most teams learn to work together effectively. Different people bring diverse skills to the projects, creating a team that is stronger than its individual members. Students often report that teamwork provided support for their work in Calculus for Business Decisions. Menu (material ends) C I Student Projects. Project 1: 1 Marketing CompactFlash Cards Student Project Each team will receive an Excel file containing test market data, trend line directions, and production cost estimates for a new product. This data applies to the coming sales year for the product. Assuming that you have a temporary monopoly for the sale of all similar items, your team is to answer the following questions. 1. What price should be put on the new good, in order to achieve the maximum profit? 2. How many items might you expe...
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