Interpret all mathematical results in the business

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Unformatted text preview: ults in the business setting. Assume that you are talking to a group of people who are familiar with the project tools, but not with your particular situation. If you use the course Excel files as models for your work, modify them so that they apply to your team’s project. Leaving in text boxes of general directions gives a very poor impression of your team’s effort. Menu (material ends) C I AVOIDING COMPUTER PROBLEMS Student Projects. Avoiding Computer Problems Avoiding Computer Problems Preparing computer files which may have to be run on an unknown computer can be challenging. Here are some ideas that will help you avoid surprises when you give your reports. When a computer encounters a type font which is not in its system, it substitutes one of its own fonts. This may, or may not resemble the original font. To prevent odd looking presentations, use only standard type fonts which are supplied with Windows. The Times New Roman or Arial fonts are very safe choices. For good screen visibility use at least 20 point type fonts. This applies to equations as well as standard text. File size can cause computer problems during your report. Huge files may not load quickly on a computer whose software differs from that which is on the machine that created the files. Limit the resolution of any graphics to at most 150 pixels per inch. The size of a PowerPoint file may increase each time that it is saved. Using Save As to save the file under a new name will correct this problem. Menu (material continues) C I Student Projects. Avoiding Computer Problems: page 2 Avoiding Computer Problems If you want to copy sections of an Excel spreadsheet into your PowerPoint presentation, copy from Excel, then use Paste Special/Picture (Windows Metafile) to paste the object into PowerPoint. In particular, do not paste as a "Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object.” Incorrect use of copy/paste can create a simple PowerPoint presentation that contains over 26 MB. This may take as long as 35 minutes to open under some earlier versions of Office. It is wise to avoid links to the int...
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